‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ Star Prince Responds To Gay Rumors

Via Miami.com:

If you want to fill your Miami party with beautiful women, your first call should be to Prince.

Prince, the 28-year-old party promoter and “Love & Hip Hop Miami” cast member billed as the “Fresh Prince of South Beach.”

Prince is the guy you call when you want bottles and models.Courtesy of Love & Hip Hop Miami
The nightlife guru, who works for marketing group Varsity LG, sworn rival of the Headliner Group, is in the business of filling tables at clubs all over South Beach. Prince has model good looks and a unique fashion sense, so “Love & Hip Hop Miami” portrays him as “the king of nightlife,” surrounded by a harem of beautiful women, hooking up visiting celebrities with unforgettable nights and making power moves in general.

Black Twitter, however, has decided that his flamboyant style and obvious obsession with self grooming are signs that Prince is gay.

But Prince is unfazed.

“It’s the tone of my voice,” explains the Miami Southridge High graduate. “I knew that was going to happen. I knew Black Twitter was going to roast me. . . . It’s a stigma I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I’m not really worried about it.”

There is no lack of women in his world,  he said.

“If they knew the level of women that I deal with their mind would be blown.”

Prince is ready to take his career as a Miami Beach nightlife mogul to the next level.
That confidence keeps Prince on top of his game in Miami’s ever-evolving landscape. “Nightlife has completely changed,” he said. “Social media and technology have changed things.”

Prince’s beef with Miami veteran DJ Michelle Pooch in episode one – Pooch called the girls he brought to her dinner party “ratchet” – also has him unfazed. Before the two started working on the show together, Pooch wasn’t really a blip on his radar.

“She was always out, like turnt, drinking, inebriated. I thought she was just another one of these Miami girls,” Prince said.

“Fast forward, she is, like, this person that’s been talking all this trash about how she’s the queen, and I need to respect my elders,” he said. “How I came into the game, I had never heard of Pooch. The whole thing was her taking my throne. The fact the a 40-year-old woman is trying to argue with me is ludicrous.”

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