10 Percent Of People Admit To Checking Phone During Sex

Checking the phone may take priority, even during some intimate moments, according to a recent study.

SureCall’s study finds that 10 percent of people check their phone during sex.

In addition, the study finds people 18 to 34 years of age are almost twice as likely to check their phone during sex than those 35 to 51 years of age.

The survey data was gathered from 1,000 participants.

Out of the 10 percent that admitted to checking their phones while getting romantic, 43 percent said they checked their phones during those moments two to 10 times in the past year.

The study also finds 69 percent of participants admitted to checking their phones as they used the toilet/urinal and 59 percent of those who did that said they do it on a daily basis.

Nearly 75 percent of participants admitted to sleeping with their phone on or having the device near their the bed. In addition, they were more likely to say they are sad.

SureCall is a cell phone signal booster company.


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