11 Ways You Can Tell If He's Straight

Its becoming harder and harder to tell who is straight and who is buttfucking so based on Dr Farrarh Gray's list we've built a list tell tale signs you're dating a straight man. http://www.farrahgray.com/10-signs-tell-hes-low/12/  He's an idiot.

1. He cares little for his personal appearance.

Real men don't give a fuck what they look like. Does he smell like chittlins, onion rings and pork rinds farted all at once and he was caught in the crossfire? If he steps out ungroomed looking like he just escaped from prison, he's the man for you.

2. He idolizes straight mysogynist men.

Does he like R. Kelly? Does he follow Lil Wayne on Twitter? Does he have 8 kids by 9 women? Has he beat you yet? It ain't love unless he puts his hands on you.

3. His favorite shows are American Ninja Warrior, Love and Hip Hop Altanta, or any show that demeans women and showcases the male form or men behaving badly.

As long has he watches nothing but ESPN and Spike you've got a straight man. Gay men don't watch or play sports.

4. He checks out other women in front of you with total disregard for your presence.

All straight men are going to look, thats how you know they are straight. When you're out he should be almost breaking his neck to check out ever fat ass and plump pussy that walks by.

5. He hates shopping unless its Sports Authority or to get the new Jordons.

Gay men are never in these places and hate basketball. Straight men loathe shoppping which is why they never brag about having money or spending it.

6. He's a homophobe on top of being mysogynist.

He'll gay bash when necessary and may have been charged with a hate crime in the past. If he doesn't clown every gay man that comes within a 5 mile radius he might be suspect.

7. Studies show, when it comes to gaming straight men are more likely to pick only men characters.

No straight man in the history of straightness has ever played as a female character. Thats why games don't have female characters.

8. Straight men aren't fashionable at all.

His outfits shouldn't look put together and if he's straight he won't notice what you have on or how you look in it. If he compliments you on how you look he's not hitting on you. If he says out of my way bitch you've got a keeper. If he's interested he'll let you know by saying how good you would look sucking his dick or liking your half nudes on Instagram.

9. His social media profiles are full of women.

These are your potential replacements and or the ladies he's already cheating on you with. Straight men don't friend each other on social media.

10. The obvious how he acts.

Does he act like a straight man? Does he walk straight talk straight? Straight men can't hide they are straight it shows in everything they do.

11. The most telling: Does he know what gay men like and want? Can he spot a DL man? Straight men are experts on gay men, thats how they know they aren't gay. If they can't put together a list full of gay stereotypes and pass them off as sound advice he's not a straight man.

Dr. Farrah Gray sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. You aren't even a real doctor. 


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