33 Year Old Accused Of Stalking 16 Year Old Boy Arrested

Police in College Park, Georgia say a man accused of stalking a young boy for sex has been arrested. Investigators say the man approached the same 16-year-old boy twice and sexually assaulted him in one of those incidents.

Police said both incidents happened along Godby Road near Old National Highway in College Park.

They said the first incident happened in late May in front of the US Post Office on Godby Road. The boy was walking on the sidewalk when the man pulled up in a car and asked him for directions.

Police said the boy got in the man's car. "As he was riding off down Godby Road to Old National the subject propositioned him," said Lt. Reed Pollard. The boy jumped out of the car and escaped.

The second incident happened last week when the man approached the boy in a bathroom at the Tracey Wyatt Recreation Center. The boy, who was playing basketball, rejected him again but police said the suspect didn't give up. "The guy (suspect) comes out (of the bathroom), joins the basketball game and during the game he felt him (boy) up," Lt. Pollard said.

Police said the boy confided in a friend and told him about the two incidents and the friend called police.

On Thursday, police released a sketch of the man the teen described to them. By Friday, authorities had arrested 33-year-old Antwan Stephen Golden, of Clarkston.

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