7 Inexpensive Gifts You Can Buy Your Trade For Valentine's Day

Its that time of year again, Valentine's Day.  To keep your trade from stealing money out of your wallet while you go to the bathroom, we put together a list of cheap gifts that will distract him long enough for you to pee and clean up.


1. A Durag

So he can keep is waves on fleek.

2. A Prepaid Rush Card

So he can buy you a gift with your own money.

3. Extra Candy Crush Lives

So he can stay pre-occupied while waiting to see his parole officer.

4. A Real Ashtray

So he can dump his ashes in a real ashtray instead of an old chinese takeout box.

5. A Bus Pass

So you don't have to pick him up AND drop him off while his car is "in the shop"

6. A Bootleg Copy of Moonlight

So he can be up on the latest flicks

7. Roach Motel

So it will look like he's at least trying to get rid of them instead of letting them answer the door.

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