7 Pranks You Can Play On Your Trade On April Fool's Day

Disclaimer:  Trade does not like to be pranked.  If you think he might get violent, he will.  If you haven't already got your hidden camera set up so you can upload  your sexcapades to xtube, now would be a good time to get some footage.

Pour some lube in his hand sanitizer, or switch his lube out with hand sanitizer.  If he doesn't have lube and you've just been using vasaline or spit.  Youz a nasty ho.


Switch out his deoderant with cream cheese.   This one might be hard to pull off since its hard to get them to put on deoderant in the first place, and the cream cheese will smell better than musk so if he doesn't notice, just roll with it.



Use his girlfriend's clear nail polish to cover his bars of soap.   It will never lather.  Make sure you're not using the kids soap though.


Fill his mayonnaise up with fresh toothpaste.  Now this one works to your advantage because when after he smokes his blunt and fixes a cheese sandwich his breath won't smell like weed and cheese had a baby and that baby took a shit in his mouth.

Replace those plain black socks that he wears with everything with some  bread slippers.  More than likely he won't notice the difference.


Cut out some fake bugs and put them under his lampshades or his shower curtains.  Now again you have to be careful with this one as he might just think its the roaches that are already in his place. 


Tell him you're gonna fry him up something good.  Even though its cardboard it still has a higher nutritutional value than Ramen noodles.

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