7 Secrets To Success Gay Power Couples Know

Some couples just want to be Instagram famous.  Other couples want it all.

Quincy and Deondray - Producers of The DL Chronicles

Power couples can seem like intimidating forces, managing to have their own successful careers as well as relationships.  The good news is, the secrets of how most power couples make it work isn't hidden in some ancient temple or as a riddle on the back of a packet of free lube. 

Here are seven things gay power couples do right.

Power couples support each others' dreams and goals.

One thing any smart power couple will tell you is to support each others pursuits and ambitions Whether it is working on a project together or on each other's projects, power couples provide opportunities for their significant other to shine. Interestingly enough, many powerful couples worked in the same or similar industries and rather than competing, they combined their efforts.

Power couples have fun together.

From weekly date nights to regular vacations, all power couples step away from their busy work lives to nurture their relationships. They understand the importance of nurturing each other in an intentional way.  Even if you have to schedule it, make time to spend with your partner with no business talk.

Power couples mind their finances.

It is not secret that financial problems lead many couples to destruction. Power couples have accumulated wealth and they are able to invest in the experiences and assets that they care about.

Power couples have excellent communication.

They are able to verbalize their needs and to solve problems and concerns quickly. While my husband and I have fun during our weekly date night, we also use the time to “check in” and “clear the air.” We decided to go on a weekend getaway recently because we realized we were just too wrapped up in work commitments and needed some alone time.

Juan and Gee

Power couples brainstorm together. 

When Malik Harris and Ty Robinson were dreaming of forming their own businesses, they often relied on each other to give feedback for their ideas.  "I depend on Ty so much when I need to make important decisions," Malik who runs an investment firm in Tennessee said.  "I know I can trust him to give me an unbiased opinion that will be for my benefit.

Power Couples do not earn that title until they first become powerful individuals.

While they experience an intense love that radiates and resonates with the world, they also have projects or careers that they’re committed to. In other words, their life does not stop with their love. Their love is the fuel that keeps them sharing their other talents and gifts with the world.

Power Couples Avoid The Limelight.

With great power comes great responsibilty, but a lack of privacy.  Justin Chang and Marshall Phillips run a clothing boutique in Oregon and while the boutique has a huge social media prescence, they do not.  "I get that some of our followers would want to know the details of our love life because of who we are" Chang said to us "But we'd rather people focus on our clothes."

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