All Male Stripper Brunch Comes To DC

If you’re in Washington D.C. this coming weekend, you can get more than bottomless mimosas at brunch on Sunday. An all-male burlesque is coming to the city with no shirts on to put up an entertaining afternoon while you and your friends drink to your hearts’ delight at midday.

Sax, a downtown cabaret, promises a cast of minimally-clad male pole performers, aerialists, and dancers.

‘You can find countless places to go see women do everything,’ said Derek Brown, the live entertainment director for Sax. ‘There’s nowhere for you to go see a male show where women can cut loose, feel empowered, feel sexual, and be in a safe environment.’

Of course, the brunch isn’t just for women.

‘Anyone who appreciates the male physique and male entertainment’ is welcome for the 2.5 hour shows which are fully staged with dance acts, costume changes, and acrobatics from the aerialists, who twirl from the ceiling on silk strands and/or chains, reports Washingtonian.

Sadly, the event will not be going all the way Magic Mike style as there’s a policy against nudity and audience participation.

Brown also shared that it was ‘fairly difficult’ in the beginning trying to put together an all-male cast that’s eye-catching and talented in varied ways at the same time .

Nonetheless, Sax has accomplished that mission. The troupe will feature 17 men, many of whom are dancers and/or body builders ranging in age, race, and nationality.

‘I wanted it to be universal,’ Brown said. ‘It’s like a box of chocolates.’

Tickets are $65

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