Andrew Caldwell Says He Dated Kordell Stewart During Radio Interview

Say what now? Kordell Stewart is once again facing gay rumors, with internet star Andrew Caldwell claiming that he carried on an affair with the former-NFL-quarterback-turned-Real Housewives of Atlanta-star.

Caldwell, who is known for the viral video where he claims he was “delivered” from homosexuality, apparently is still gay and claiming that he slept with Kordell Stewart back when the former NFL player was still married to Porsha Williams.

In a radio appearance this week, Caldwell said that the brief affair with Kordell turned into something more.

“I dated Kordell,” he said in an interview with The ShakeUP Morning Show, noting that they slept together only once buy that Kordell looked out for him afterward. “I had everything that Porsha got… I had bags, purses, cars. I’m in a Jaguar right now. Honey, did you see that Jaguar over there?”

Caldwell claims he met Kordell Stewart at a bar.

“I was like, ‘Mmm… I like football players… I dated other football players too, I dated some of the Rams,” Caldwell claimed.

This is not the first time that rumors have claimed that Kordell Stewart is gay. When he and Porsha Williams were splitting up, she even brought up the issue on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“There were definitely times in the marriage that Kordell didn’t necessarily want me, physically, and that made me wonder, what does he want?” she said.

Porsha would later insinuate that she married Kordell as a ruse to help him beat the rumors that he was gay.

“He was always the celebrity, he had that before me — but his celebrity was tainted,” Porsha said during a trip to Mexico on Real Housewives. “I told him that I had a plan for us and that my plan was to be the ideal couple and that whatever was in his past, that was nasty, that hurt him, all those rumors, I would help him erase that.

“I did that for him.”

Kordell spoke out against Porsha’s speculation, denying the rumors calling out his ex-wife for slinging mud before the television audience.

“I’m very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at all,” he said in a statement about his sexuality (via S2S Magazine). “The rumors have never been true. I’m not gay.”

Kordell added that her speculation was insensitive to the gay community.

“It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so-called fame,” he said. “She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son.”

The rumors of his sexual orientation date back to Kordell’s playing days, when there were rumors of locker room tension because he was gay.

Even some former teammates have brought up the rumors. In his memoir, wide receiver Plaxico Burress said the issue of Kordell’s sexuality never came up in the locker room but admitted it would be “uncomfortable” if the quarterback talked about it.

“The players heard that, but we never talked about it,” Burress wrote. “I don’t know if Kordell is gay or not. It was none of our business. If ever we would have talked about it, it would have made everybody uncomfortable.”

Since Stewart left the game the NFL has become gradually more open to gay players, though the league is still awaiting its first openly gay player.

Andrew Caldwell did more than make claims of a gay affair with Kordell Stewart. In his radio appearance this week, he also claimed that Porsha Williams is a “gold digger” who knew that Kordell was gay when she married him.


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