Anti Gay Pastor Dresses In Drag To Protest Human Rights

That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works.  A homophobic pastor from Jacksonville, Florida, decided that cross dressing was the best way to protest the city’s anti-discrimination Human Rights Ordinance.

Kenneth Adkins shared photos of himself in a number of wigs on Facebook, and called on his followers to protest the event which saw Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, in attendance on Monday night.

The LGBT ordinance would, among other things, grant trans people the right to use their preferred bathroom, which Kenneth says is his main concern.

He wrote: “Tonight at 6pm at the Duval Democratic Banquet, Miss Jane in her very short Red Dress will deliver a message to the Homosexuals that have taken over the Duval Democratic Party.

“I am gonna “pee” next to your women in the women’s bathroom and let’s see how yall feel.”

Despite his claims, pastor Kenneth backed out of his appearance at the Duval Democratic Party event at the last minute.

Annise Parker told WFOX-TV: “Anyone who would do that has no concept at all of what gender identity truly is and how hateful and hurtful that is.”

A similar ordinance was repealed in Houston last month after opponents claimed its existence would allow “sex predators” into women’s bathrooms.

People will come up with any excuse to put on a wig.  If they make you feel fabulous just run with it but don't do it and call it a protest.

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