From BGC to Amazon: Black Gay Erotica Author Tyson Anthony Talks New Book "Tasty"

If you're looking to spice up your reading material this summer look no further than Black Gay Erotica author Tyson Anthony.  With tens of thousands of books sold on Amazon, landing him in the top 100 Erotica Authors, Anthony hopes to fill a void in literature that lacks stories about gay men of color. 

Tyson started out on sites like BGC submitting stories like "About Him" and "Discreet Sheets" and moved his growing fanbase to Amazon.   With titles like "Hood Goods" and "Camp Dick" there's something for everyone in his catalog.  We recently caught up with Anthony as he prepares the release of his newest titled story "Tasty" which is available today.

When did you start writing gay erotica?

I started writing gay erotica in September 2014. I’ve actually been writing since the age of eighteen. It was a big surprise that I fell in love with writing because I actually used to sleep through creative writing class in High School.

What inspired you to write gay erotica?

A lot of my stories before my erotica works were Sci-fi, Horror, Mystery, and Thrillers. After taking a hiatus from writing, a friend of mine encouraged me to write some erotica. Me being gay myself, I wasn’t skilled at writing about straight people banging fronts (that’s how they do it, right?). So, I wrote what I knew and started writing about gay men having sex and our complex but sometime ordinary lives.

What do you feel resonates with readers about the books that you write?

I believe most gay men enjoy my books because they’re simply not about sex. A lot of my stories, the series to be exact, are mainly about very different gay men of color. I write about high school dropouts, teenagers, college students, fathers, vampires, business men, couples, celebrities and more. The all happen to have one thing in common, they’re gay men of color. A lot of these stories are inspired by my own life, the lives of my friends, ripped from the headlines, or by gay black men who messaged me and wanted their stories told aka the BGC readers who encouraged me to write more and more. I focused mainly on gay men of color, because to be honest they’re not a lot of shows, movies, and books about men like us.
I also believe that the very forward sex scenes are what keep my readers coming back. At first, I tried to take the expected erotica route…using words like “member” instead of “dick”. But after a while I figured since we’re all grown men, the word dick or nuts shouldn’t leave anybody offended.

Who do you consider to be your target demographic?

I aim my books at gay men of color, but I believe my stories can honestly be enjoyed by any gay man out there. I myself like reading about people like me but also about those who aren’t like me to learn about their lives and what they go through.

How did you become comfortable with your own sexuality?  

I spent a lot of my life being that gay guy who sat in the house watching porn and playing the sims. After the death of my grandma, I decided to just come out to my family. I became comfortable with myself overall. I’ve always been known as the class clown but also a nerd, wrestling addict, movie buff, and a gay guy. No longer did I hide any of myself out of shame or embarrassment.
A lot of my stories are simply fun, sexy, and may or may not change how society views gay men. I love doing this because I love telling the stories of the gay high school dropout, the gay thug, the gay executive, or the gay guy with super powers. And I always aim never to tell the same story twice. So hopefully a lot of you take a chance on some of these complimentary shorts that give a small preview of my works over the next couple of weeks and then hopefully go on to read the longer series that gives a more in depth look at these various characters I bring to life.

Anthony then told us about his highly anticipated new read Tasty:

One of the first titles you guys will be treated too is titled Tasty.
“Since High School Dorian has had a crush on Eddie Mavis. Eddie vanishes from his life for nearly five years, leaving Dorian searching for the fire with other men that the sight of Eddie once lit up in him. But, when Eddie suddenly returns Dorian is put in the position to either lose him again or finally get a taste.”

And for those of you who are ready to jump into my more detailed and longer series, visit my website

And of course thanks to for allowing me to bring to some more sexiness to the website.


We look forward to seeing whats in store!  Be sure to catch Anthony Tyson's free short stories series starting later this month on Aazah.



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