Black Gay Blogger: "The Term BBC Is Racist"

Racist and annoying as fuck. Author Jeremy Helligar explains in a new op-ed at Honey9.Com “regardless of racial considerations, but the curiosity and expectations so often attached to dark meat raises the ick factor to a level of grotesque.”

Helligar is the author of Is It True What They Say About Black Men?, which examines how gay black men objectified in countries all around the world.

“Lately, though, I’ve noticed a shift, especially on Grindr,” Helligar writes. “Guys rarely ask me if it’s true what they say about black men anymore. That’s so 2011. Now they often send me messages that say, simply, ‘BBC’, or occasionally, ‘BBC?’–and not because they’re confusing me with the British broadcaster.”

BBC, of course is short for big black cock. Helligar says it's racist.

“It’s basically saying that as a black man, that is my primary value,” he says.

“I haven’t figured out if the gay white men who use it do so because it’s easier to write,” he continues, “or if it’s just too embarrassing to spell out ‘big black blank.’ Whatever the reason, the implication is the same: I’m no longer a three-dimensional person. I am my big black blank.”

Helligar says this has quickly become “the new bane of my gay existence,” but also made him realize how shitty women are treated.

“Would you want your sister to get involved with a guy who refers to her as ‘BB’ for ‘big breasts’?” he asks. “The sad thing is, most women probably hear far worse on a regular basis. I sympathize. I empathize. I know how it feels.”

“I’m certain that I haven’t seen the last of ‘BBC,'” Helligar adds, adding that he’s sure “my protestations will likely be met with shrugs.”
“In a world where a rich white man can be caught on tape boasting about sexually assaulting women and still be elected leader of the free world, no one’s going to get too worked up over a little ‘BBC’…except for the men it objectifies.”

“And ladies, we feel your pain.”

You know what else was so 2011. Black Gay men looking for acceptance from racist white gays. Seriously, there are literally millions of guys of all races that will fuck you, date you, or swing from the ceiling if you so choose and not be a racist prick about it. No reason to get hung up on guys that DON'T WANT TO FUCK YOU.

Here's to hoping this doesn't carry into 2018.

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