Body Goals: Gio Before and After Pics Have Us Running to The Gym

What a difference a year makes.  If you need some gymspiration look no farther than Gio who posted some pics of himself a year ago compared to today.  If will definitely have you doing a few extra sets tonight! 

GOOD MORNING! LONG POST ALERT(but worth the read)
ONE YEAR LATER!!! Last year around this time I found myself in the deepest darkest pit of myself. In a relationship with someone who had NO genuine interest in me.
Battling the most dark depression I ever have in the years of me living, and most of all doing things that were not actually making me HAPPY! 
So I decided to make the change FOR MYSELF ! Looking back I LOOKED unhappy! 
I WAS UNHAPPY ! BATTLING WAYYYY too much within myself. 
But with dedication, money, and a STRONG MIND, I DID IT! I not only lost the weight, gained the muscle I have always dreamed of (AND STILL GOING!!) got OUT being depressed so intensely. I started at 184lbs in August 2016 by January 2017 I was my high school weight of 165lbs of nothing but lean muscle. 
Now I stand 189lbs with muscle MASS and making sure I keep myself CUT in the process. 
If you REALLY know me personally or if I shared it to you I have always battled my size. I have NEVER liked being "tiny" or "skinny" I've always wanted to be a muscular dude but I had to make the change to do so.
It doesn't matter WHAT field of work you do always make sure you find time for your BODY! I can't stress it enough!!
I love the way my body feels after I workout. I love the feeling I get going into the gym. I love the fact that what I did EXACTLY WHAT I SAID ID DO!!!
This past year I reinvented myself and I have NO shame of sharing where I came from or what I went through. That's the part of life. I even have to thank my boyfriend,my bae, my everything frfr Romeofor being there and pushing me hard each day. I'll be like nah he'll be like WAKE YO ASS TF UP! 
"Bae I'm mad" he'll be like "oh just go on the bench press" To be honest he's MAJORITY of why u see what you see today. 
And that's real! 
Every day isn't easy
But every day isn't hard either. 
A lot of people PRAYED for me to fail once I Arizona. 
Sacramento A lot of y'all thought I was just playing. A lot of y'all laughed at me and my goals(probably still do but I'm too busy to give a fuck)
A lot of y'all slept SO SAFE AND SOUND on me...and to you all I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION OF MOTIVATION! That's the best thing you all could have done!!
But I refuse to stop, I refuse to go backwards the only way I want to continue to go is ! All I can say is thank YOU GOD! 
And I have no plans on stopping!Always make your best BETTER and NEVER let anyone tell you that you CANT! 
ps word of advice 
NEVER underestimate anyone around never know what can happen. LIVE YOUR TRUTH 
And remain unapologetic, keep it 1000, and make them goals reality!

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