Chino Blac Answers Questions From His Biggest Fans

1]Where are you from
4]What made you want to get in the industry
5]What is your #1 fetish 
6]Favorite Movie
7]Favorite Color
8]Dream porn collaboration
9] So far, what's your favorite scene you've done?
10]Biggest fear in life
11]Tell us about your first gay experience, what was it like, did you enjoy it
12]Recently you've released many homemade sextapes with you and boyfriend Ricco Blac, how did you guys meet
13]Is it hard having a boyfriend while being in the industry/if so, how do you guys make it work
14]Favorite music artist currently 
15]Favorite song of all time
16]Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma
17]Favorite Food
18]Hidden Talents
19]Favorite thing to do for fun
20]What do you look for in a guy
22]Any stories about fan encounters/weirdest thing a fan has done
23]Life/Career goals after porn
24]This is your time to talk to all Chino Blac fans directly, if you could tell them anything, what would it be/ what is your message to them

1 Memphis Tennessee 
2 old enough lol nahh turned 29 on September 24th
3 5'6 imma shorty 
4 I got in the industry because I view sex as an art form. Porn always fascinated me so I wanted to indulge a little for while
5 my fetish is dudes with really nice ass's in boxer briefs (slight sagg) sagging drives me crazy  
6 I have 2 favs Angels and Demons and players club (got to use what you got to get what you want 
8 hmmmm that's a good one I think my dream porn collab would have to be with Tae the doeg (ISSASNACK) oh yeah and Castro because he's a legend 
9 my favorite scene would have had to be the 50 shades of black scene (it was a very good time)
10 To die without having kids 
11 My first gay experience was with this white guy who played football with me. We where waiting to be picked up after practice and we where hitting the weights. One thing lead to another and we had sex in the high school weight room, imagine being scared, turned on, nervous all in one 
12 Lmfao well we meet online about 2 and a half years ago, I always played him to the left. We came back in contact through a mutual friend in a 4some and the rest is history  we have been kicking it for 2 years 
13 it's really not that hard. Communication is KEY I've learned. Express what you want, stop lying about shit, be upfront and get shit solved. Plus the money comes home to him so no big deal
14 I have so many yikes sza, Rihanna, Beyoncé, nirvana, lana del ray, audioslave I can't just choose one 
15 Drew berrymore by sza FUCKING  love this song 
16 NICKI all day
17 pasta 
18 I am a trained dancer like dancing since the age of 5 type dancer. I trained in contemporary , and hip hop with a splash of ballet 
19 my favorite thing to do is to have a blunt to my lips and music in my ear. I love listening to music 
20 Good energy and a positive attitude. A guy who likes to laugh  and have fun. Must be a chiefer
22) I actually had an encounter with a fan at work. His dick was on rock and he found himself following me into the restroom. I went into a stale because I felt a little weird and he tried to follow me in. Shit was scary asf. He told me he didn't mean any harm he just loved my videos but I'm like guy your weirdo g me the fuck out lol 
23 My dream iafter I graduate college is to get back into my dance HEAVY so look out for a couple projects I have coming your way
24 Yo I have really appreciated all the love you guys have thrown my way. All the shares and interest has meant the most. I love my blac squad. Keep it sexy and positive. Love you guys


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