Church In Dixon, Illinois Looks Like A Giant D From Space

And by D we mean another name for Richard.  It actually looks like this dude I used to mess with back in the day.  Like he modeled for it.  To the naked eye this church in Dixon, Illinois, seems like a run-of-the-mill building. But if you look at the satellite view, it’s actually shaped like a penis.

Unfortunately architects didn’t notice the phallic design flaw until images of it from above, taken from Google Earth, went viral.

But the church wasn’t always shaped like a schlong – it only underwent a re-design in 2011 when the Environmental Protection Agency found contaminated soil beneath it meaning the original structure had to be knocked down and replaced.

The church staff requested a long corridor to let natural light into the building, which was designed in a curve so that they didn’t have to cut down an oak tree positioned at the south of the building.

Clergymen and worshippers were none the wiser that the building’s new erection was actually rather rude.

But when the church was made aware of the blunder, officials responded in the best way.

Writing on their Facebook page, the Dixon Christian Science Church said “fig leaf coming soon”.

And the church opted to keep its slogan, which is “rising up”.


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