Craziest Messages White Guys Have Sent Me On Gay Dating Apps

*Disclaimer: Before anyone gets butt hurt this is a personal opinion post. *

I don't know about you but this shit does not turn me on.  

Don't get me wrong.  I'm a freak, a big one, but does this have to be the first message you send when you hit me up?  Can I get a hello, hi, whats up,  hell I take a 'sup' if it means I don't have to get hit with this shit.

And I'm not saying only white guys do it, but in my personal experience, these are the types of messages I get from them.  

Now I know what some of you are saying.  "Its a dating/sex app/site they are just getting straight to the point"  Yeah but you can get to the point and still have some sexy and swag behind it.  

And no I don't wanna be your slave.

At least he said nice stats.

But when they aren't begging to be oreo'd, they're assuming you're a prostitute and will have sex with them if they pay you enough money.

No, I'm not an escort, and even if I was. mayb-- No.  

I also don't know where you can get those drugs from.

I'm not digging you out raw.  I'm not special, you haven't been saving yourself for me and I don't wanna be a statistic.

PS  I hate the word c*ck.   I refuse to spell it.  I know its only 4 letters but thats how much I don't like the word. I know its more commonly used than dick or penis, that still doesn't make it sexy or pleasant to the ears.  When I see it or read it I immediately go flaccid.  

Has anyone had a similar experience?  How do you feel about it?

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