David McIntosh: "If I Was Gay For A Day, I'd Rock The Whole Community"

I wouldn't need a day, I'd take about 15 minutes.  In a recent interview with guyslikeu.com model David McIntosh answered all the gay questions you've been itching to know.  Check out some of the questions and David's answers below and be sure to read the rest of the interview.

Now, as your a handsome guy with a fab body, you must have loads of gay guys sniffing around. Do you enjoy their attention! We bet you encourage it?

Ohhhhhh I just love the gays! I do a lot of gay events around the globe, from charity shows to club nights and the thing that resonates most is there is always a judgement free atmosphere and everyone is just so happy and care free. And, of course you gotta give ’em a little sugar. You can’t walk in there like a stiff straight boy –  I’ll be dancing with my top off like the rest of the cats!

Have you ever snogged a guy? Or played the, er, biscuit game?

Yes, I most certainly have played the biscuit game. Me and my grandad used to spend are Sunday afternoons watching old westerns whilst dipping our Hob Nobs in to smoking hot cups of tea, and seeing whose would go soggy and limp first. As for kissing guys? Well I must say, no dear sir. My treasured, succulent, honey coated crimson lips are promised to only the greatest of Queens.. Hmmm, I’m not quite sure that sounds right!

If you were gay for a day which celeb guy would fancy?

If I was gay for a day!?  Oh sugar, I’d rock the whole community! No body’s filthy little mittens would teach this Queen bitch anything. I’d put on a devilish little leopard skin cat suit accompanied by a fierce set of knee high leather boots. I’d have four muscular brutes kitted out in biker gear carry me around central London in my royal chair.  Obviously I’d have Prince blasting out on full volume. Ohhhhh, I’d be so nasty and so so rude!

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