DawgpoundUSA responds to Yusef Mack "We've Never Drugged Any Of Our Models"

Confirming what most of us already thought after watching the video, DawgpoundUSA refutes Yusef Mack's claim that he was drugged before shooting his gay porn scene. 

In a statement given to Gawker, DawgPoundUSA.com speaks out.

    DawgPoundUSA.com is a reputable company which has produced high quality videos of men-of-color since 2002. At no time have we ever coerced or drugged any of our models. The claims made by Mr. Mack are false, slanderous, and vehemently denied on our part. We intend to take all legal steps necessary to protect our good name and reputation against these patently false and preposterous claims.

We'll keep you updated.


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