Disney Casts Jafar For its Live Action Version of Aladdin and He's Fine As Fuck

I don't know how Jasmine is going to get out of marrying Jafar now. In the cartoon he was rough looking and always had that bird with him. But this Jafar is bringing that smile and those abs and we're already like fuck Aladdin .

Marwan Kenzari, the actor who is poised to break through as part of the all-star cast of the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express, is in negotiations to star as the villain in Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin. At the same time, former Saturday Night Live comedienne Nasim Pedrad has landed a role created specifically for the new movie.

Will Smith is toplining as the wish-granting genie while Mena Massoud will play the title character, a street rat who ends up over his head when he pretends to be a prince in order to win the hand of Princess Jasmine, played by Naomi Scott. The story, which aims to follow that of Disney’s 1992 animated classic while also taking cues from the folktales in One Thousand and One Nights, is set in Agrabah, a fictional cosmopolitan city inspired by locations and cultures from the Middle East to India and China.

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