Don Lemon After Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: ‘Who Wants to Marry Me?’

Don Lemon is single and ready to get married.  CNN’s openly gay anchor was elated with the court’s decision, pivoting to a social media proposal in response to the ruling.

#SameSexMarriage upheld by Supreme Court. It’s the law of the land. Who wants to marry me?

– Don Lemon (@donlemon) June 26, 2015

Any takers?  Now I'd fuck him.  With no hesitation.  He's handsome, has a decent body and he's 49 so he's seasoned.  Marriage, we'd have to work on, but aside from some of his views and past statements I wouldn't kick him out of bed in the morning.  He's got a good job, he's educated, again easy on the eyes,  and more than likely has excellent credit.