Erica Campbell of Mary Mary Speaks on Transgender and Gays within Gospel And Church

In a recent interview with Team Curtains, gospel artist and one half of the super duo Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, discussed her feelings on Trans and Gays being apart of Gospel Music and the Church.  With members of the Trans community like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock opening up about their faith and Iyanla Fix My Life shining a light on gay pastors in the church, the LGBT community relationship with the church is becoming even more of a hot topic.

Here's what Erica had to say:

“I believe sin is sin and it exists and God forgives it just like everything else. I think our responsibility is to keep singing about Jesus. Keep telling the world he loves, saves, transforms and heals. I know there’s a lot of different conversations about the origins and the why’s and the how’s and I wish I had the answers to it, but I do not. But what I do know is that the Bible says that God so loved the world — it didn’t say the heterosexual or the homosexual; it didn’t say the Christian, the saved or the unsaved. It said for God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whosoever should believe in him, should not parish but have everlasting life. So that’s the only thing I can stay confident in. I rest on the word of God. I stand on the word of God. And we will all stand before him. And God won’t ask me my opinion. He won’t ask the people their opinion. We’ll have a one-on-one with the father.


Keep sharing, keep loving, keep opening the doors of our churches, keep embracing and let God do the changing. I think a lot of times we try to be God. We try to make the change. Everybody has an issue. Sometimes peoples [issue] is a little more flamboyant than others. Maybe yours is lying and we can’t see your issue. We all have something to work on…My job is to love, not to judge.”

Check out her full response below.

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