Erica Mena Says Rich Dollaz Lives Secret Gay Life In Atlanta

And now for something no one asked for but we got anyway.  Erica Mena of Love and Hip Hop New York recently took to Instagram to blast Rich after he made comments about her failed engagement to rapper Bow Wow.

Mena, who's had an extremely contentious relationship with Dollaz ever since they first began dating, insinuated that Rich may be living a double life when he gets to Atlanta.

"The b---- boy with no dollars," she wrote. "You should be happy for me. Motivation. I passed you a few times. Catch up."

She then accused the music industry veteran of leading a double-lifestyle and not having a real story line on the show. "I have so much proof of your gay double-life in ATL," wrote Mena. "Be smart, old man. Don't make me do it."

"He has no story line. That's why he's bringing out his old baby mother, and the only kid he does take care of now. This old gay man speaking about me once again, because no one cares for this fool monkey if he doesn't. We do not speak so stop speaking to me," she added.

In a separate post, Mena defended what she said about Dollaz and told people she's frustrated that he keeps mentioning her in interviews. She also accused Rich of staying on "Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood" to remain relevant, something Erica claims she no longer has to do.

"I have every right to say what I said".

"I'm not on the show no more, so this fool should not be doing interviews, speaking about me period. He knows I cut deep, so in case he needs a reminder here it is: Be smart, old man. Move on. Just because you back for another round of getting penny checks," she added.

Mr. Dollaz has yet to respond.