Exposing Fake Tops: Or For Colored Boys When Being Vers Is Not Enough

The only thing people lie about more than their income is their sexual position.  Everybody wants to take dick but nobody wants to be called a bottom.  Its something that really never made sense to me because if you like dick you shouldn't have to feel ashamed.  I love dick.  I'll shout it from the roof tops.  I'll wear it on a tshirt.  I'll put it on a bumper sticker on my car if I have to.  Somewhere in the making of the sauce it became criminal to be a bottom and bottoming became associated with being feminine and we all know being feminine in the gay community is a felony.   At the end of the day its all nonsense. 

Back to the video, Facebooker Jonathan Twink-Lord Ford discusses the ins and outs of tops, bottoms, fake tops, real tops and everything in between.  Check it out below.

Exposing the fake tops

Posted by Jonathan Twink-Lord Ford on Friday, January 22, 2016

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