First Lady Donnie McClurkin Queens Out On Facebook Over Marriage Equality Ruling

Ms. McClurkin is mad and she's not going to take it any more. The ex gay now delivert queen of the church mice came out swinging after the Supreme Court laid down its ruling on same sex marriage.  Yes we called her a her and a queen because thats what she is.  We are so tired of these in church on Sunday, on grindr during service, anti gay on facebook, but begging to get dicked down on Messenger spouting all this hate.  You fell down, got back up and fell on a dick.   Deaconess Donnie needs to have a baptism pool full of seats.   Donnie had a child out of wedlock back in 2000 but he hasn't spoken out on adultry and fornication.  Nor did he make any mention of his slain bretheren in Charleston.

I'm a preachers kid (that explains a lot right?)  So I heard this rhetoric since I was in the womb and confused, church gays are the absolute worst.  You're tithing into institutions that would send you to hell themselves if they could, shouting Amen while some pastor with a mistress in the congregation calls you a sinner. 

Back to Sister McClurkin,  this is not the way to win souls. 

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. 

We have one big question though...

Where is his wife? 

Did Tyrone get to her?

You mean to tell the the Lawd has not sent some woman of the church that is willing to stick a dildo up Donnie's ass and be his beard?  My gay as could go pull a chick this Sunday, so whats his excuse? 

But who are we kidding even if he did get a wife, no one would believe it. 

You're gay, go be free.

Head over to his facebook page. They are reading him back to the Old Testament.



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