Flaming Gay Sets Building on Fire With His Presence

Firefighters are still putting out the last of the flames at a residence in Atlanta, Georgia after a local gay man set it ablaze just by walking in.

"Its rare we get these type of calls," firefigher Wallace Murphy told us. "Atlanta is full of flames, big ones, but they usually stay self contained. However, once in awhile you'll get that one that gets out of control and starts causing physical and structural damage in addition to just gagging the girls"

DeQuarius 'Bubbles' Mizrahi, 21 said he had no intention of setting the home on fire with all his fierceness, but he did know he planned on letting the girls have it when he walked in.

"Girl, I can't help it if the kids can't take" Bubbles said in his statement to the first responders. "But everyone knew I was coming and they know what I give."

Partygoers said they were 'stunned and served' first, by all that Bubbles was giving, and then by the fire.

"As soon as this bitch walked in the door honey," Party attendee Harmony Starr told us. "I didn't even have time to go all the way in on how she looked before we started baking at 350F in this bitch. I had just enough time to cover my wig and this mug up before the sprinklers came on because we just came here for the free drinks, and a bitch still has to look fresh for the club tonight."

Investigators still haven't given an official cause for the fire but one examiner did tell us this, "From what I can tell when she arrived, Bubbles was giving you face, labels, a mean shoe, a nasty wig, and european runway. It was the perfect recipe for this type of thing. You just can't storm the girls like that and not expect for a few sparks to fly. We're lucky his flaming didn't burn this whole block down."

While no criminal charges have been filed for the fire, Bubbles will have to appear in court for slaying with his look.

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