Former Gay Adult Film Star Tom Faulk Arrested For Drug Possession

Another day another former adult star lands himself in trouble.  Via StrUp:

Performer Tom Faulk retired from gay porn almost one year ago, but has stayed active on social media and amateur clip sites where he’s released homemade porn videos throughout 2018. Fans stopped receiving updates from Faulk in mid-August, and earlier this month, he was arrested in Cedar Park, Texas on drug possession charges, and for evading arrest:

A fan who sent in this news to Str8UpGayPorn, “Jules G.,” writes that Faulk’s arrest was “such a shock, considering his many accomplishments in his life post retirement.”

Both the meth and cocaine possession charges are prosecuted as second degree felonies in Texas (Faulk allegedly had between 4 and 200 grams of each drug on him), and each carry prison terms between two and 20 years. The evading arrest with vehicle charge is essentially a fourth degree felony, which could add several more months of jail time.

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