Former Model Charged With Infecting Ex Boyfriends With HIV

A man was jailed for recklessly infecting two former boyfriends with HIV.

Antonio Reyes-Minana, a 25-year-old from Nottingham, had unprotected sex with two other men separately in 2008 and 2012.

He knew he was HIV positive in that time.

He was jailed for seven years and told he would serve half behind bars and half on license.

Test results found the same strain of the virus was present in both victims and the defendant. Further results indicted the two men were likely to have been infected during the time period they were dating Reyes-Minana.

Antonio Reyes-Minana ‘withheld his HIV status from one boyfriend and lied to the other’

James Allen, from the CPS, said: ‘Antonio Reyes-Minana withheld his HIV status from one partner and lied to the other.
‘He lied about the nature of his relationships with the victims and tried to blame a third party for infecting them, insinuating that their allegations were part of a plot against him.

‘However, scientific evidence supported the prosecution case that it was Reyes-Minana had transmitted the virus to the victims.
‘The victims gave important evidence during the trial to demonstrate how Reyes-Minana must have known he was taking the risk of transmitting HIV.’

Allen added: ‘The consequences of Reyes-Minana’s actions will remain with his victims for the rest of their lives. This sentence reflects the seriousness of his offending.’

Reyes-Minana was charged in October 2015.

Nottinghamshire Police said they welcomed the verdict.

Police: ‘We hope this raises awareness of this issue.’

Detective Sergeant Andrew Hall, who worked on the case, said: ‘It has taken a long time to bring the case to court and we are pleased with the result today.

‘The victims now have to live with a terminal illness.

‘They gave evidence during the trial as Reyes-Minana had maintained his innocence but can at least find some comfort in knowing that their offender now has to take responsibility for what he’s done.

‘We hope this raises awareness of this issue and how important it is to disclose such medical conditions.’

The National AIDS Trust have told Gay Star News they are critical of Nottinghamshire Police’s referring to HIV as a ‘terminal illness’.

Deborah Gold, chief executive on NAT, said: ‘The police’s choice of words when describing HIV as a “terminal illness” is regrettable.

‘Spokespeople should be mindful of the facts of HIV. Those diagnosed quickly have a normal life expectancy; HIV is a long-term manageable condition, albeit one carrying a lot of stigma.

‘To publicly describe it as a “terminal illness” is to mislead people, adding to the culture of fear and stigma which prevents people accessing testing and treatment.’

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