Friday At The Flixxx: The Library

The Library is open, but these guys aren't reading or doing research.  Unless their studying the male anatomy.  What library is this and why can no one hear all this slurping and slobbering?

The description:

You may not want to skip through the scenes in this video.. I created this video for guys alike me who likes to watch with stimulation and edge for long periods of time.. Plenty of nut cumshots, 3somes 4somes Jacking Fucking and again Edging.. Sit back and enjoy.. First off big apology for the toilets constantly flushing throughout the video. Guys were coming in and out either watching, joining, or just regular pissers oblivious to what was taking place. So I came to this library hoping to use the fax machine but was automatically shot down by the librarian indicating the fax machine use been off limits for years now. Smh so I decided to at least use the wifi connection to my laptop since its free. Turns out that wasn't working as well, so I just pulled out my journal and began to write.. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of the trade and business men dress-like, walking around some sizing others up and down while most kept watching me like I was a golden trophy in the middle of the room.. Then I kept hearing toilets flushing nearby. The catch 22 is when I seen one guy go into the restroom a few seconds later another went in behind him then another.. I thought to my self party on... I went In and guys were standing around acting like the room was just hit a gloom. I walked up to the urinal pulled my dick out all the way til I felt my balls rest between my zipper I looked at all them as I begun pissing. This was no ordinary look I turned on the unshameful freak in me. Coming close to the end of my piss I begun to massage my dick till erect. I look up and all eyes were on me and dicks were out stiff ready to be milked. As I sucked one I could feel 3 hands rounding my ass. By the time I woke up out the trance I realize I had just sucked off 5 dudes next thing I remember I was in the mirror cleaning the nut off my face n shirt.. It was another out of body experience I had.. All the sudden two more guys came in I turn to look at myself in the mirror again and I didn't see me no more it was the freak in me ready to play again, and again, true story revealed go ahead judge him I didn't do it, it was Malik.

Freaky Friday indeed.