Gay Adult Film Star Says He's Not Racist After Using the "N" Word Because His Boyfriend Is Black

Gay porn star Bruno Bernal has insisted he is “not racist” for using the N-word because his current boyfriend is black and he’s slept with a “few black guys.”

The 31-year old Brazilian used the N-word in his Instagram story on Monday (July 23), when he was getting a haircut, reports porn news site Str8UpGayPorn.

He wrote: “Worse thing in life! Barbers that don’t fuck shup [sic] up talking with this n**** accent.”

Bernal was soon criticised by his followers, with many saying his comments were racist.

However, Bernal fired back in a later Instagram story posting a bizarre note that defended his choice of word.

“My first boy friend was black, after I had another black ex boyfriend, then I had sex with [a’ few black guys and my current boyfriend is black. If I was racist I don’t think it would be happing [sic] so frequently,” it reads.

The porn star went on to hit-out at people who don’t use a “normal vocabulary,” despite his own post being littered with grammatical and spelling errors.

“I like black culture and I don’t discriminate anyone by their race but you are fucking ghetto and don’t even use properly a normal vocabulary because you think is cool talk like a black ghetto person that just came out of prison what you want me to say? WHATEVER don’t like! Unfollow + block.”

Bernal then took to Twitter to post a message he said he had received from a black man, who defended the porn star.

The message reads: “Not sure if you actually read these but I heard about you today in an article saying how racist you were so I read the words you actually wrote. As a black man I can tell you, you’re not racist, at all, like not even a little. I only use n**** to describe ignorant black people and I don’t like them either.

“I don’t like ignorance. Had it been any other race, I don’t think you would have gotten any backlash. Anyway, just thought I’d share my 2 cents. Have a good one.”

The porn star included his response in the post, with him replying: “Bro! You came with the perfect words to describe what I was saying. IM NOT RACIST AT ALL.

“If those stupid blogs and couple people want to say that I’m racist, fine I won’t five a fuck because I don’t care about them. Is this minority of weak people that are making a big deal about it, because actually my black friends are giving me support and they understand what I was saying.”

Bernal was supposed to star in a porn film on this week.

However, the video will no longer be used.

In a statement to Str8UpGayPorn, a spokesperson for said: “Due to recent events, the [Bruno Bernal] scene will not be promoted by us. We prefer that it also not be promoted by our affiliates. Moving forward, we will no longer be working with the actor involved in the recent events.”

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