Gay Man Outed After Parents Walk In On Him Getting Smashed On His Balcony

The parents of a closeted son just found out he was gay in the absolute worst possible way.

Reddit user gggaythrowaway took to the social media platform  to reveal his cringeworthy coming out story.

He starts off his lengthy post by saying he’s only recently began exploring his sexuality since January this year.

The college guy broke up with his girlfriend and started secretly seeing a guy a ‘few months ago’.

The closeted son writes: ‘My boyfriend said I could crash with him for the summer because their lease ends beginning of August. I got out of my summer dorm thing and have been staying with him for two months now.

‘This summer has been filled with sex and I’m just happy to be myself and have fun.

‘Until this morning,’ he reveals.

The young Reddit user says he planned to see his parents that evening, but they decided to surprise him and visit him about 12 hours early.

He continues: ‘My boyfriend, roommate and I were tanning on our back patio and doing some morning drinking. Things happened and soon we’re having some fun together in the sun.

‘It gets a bit more intense and since we have music going and are a little drunk we don’t hear my parents enter and make their way to the where the music is coming from.

‘I’m being f*cking spit roasted when they see me,’ he revealed.

Long story short, the gay son’s parents basically run out of the house and aren’t returning any of his phone calls.

In response to a fellow Redditer’s comment, he confirmed his parents are ‘repressed Midwestern parents’.

‘I’m f*cking devastated,’ he said.

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