Gay Man Says He Slept With 550 Men in 2016

So much for disspelling the promiscuity myth. We're not exactly sure why he posted it on twitter, maybe he's trying to go for some type of record.  Personally we don't think its anyone's business how many people you've romped with but 550 people in a year is impressive.  Was he like putting there names in a jar or marking them like lines on a prison wall?  To break it down:

550 Men in one year is at least :

1 and 1/2 guys a day.

10  and 1/2 guys a week.

I guess on some days you could double up.  

I don't even know if I know 550 people, or 550 people that I would want to have sex with.



Update: He's up to 10 for the new year. This should keep us occupied when we're not playing Two Dots (download Two Dots)

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