Guys Who Don't Give or Receive Oral Sex

I luh head.  You don't luh head?  What's wrong with you?  Nothing.  Just like some people don't like gospel trap music, some guys don't want their dick in your mouth and vice versa.  Though oral sex has been around since the days of the pyramids its not something that everyone considers pleasurable. 

As stated earlier, I luh (love) head.  Giving or receiving...Anything oral really, and at one point in time, I thought all guys did.  What was not to love, oral feels like how pizza tastes.  So I was shocked, bewildered, confused and dismayed when a guy I was dating said he didn't want head.

At first I thought it was a joke, or he just meant at that moment, but he was steadfast that he didn't like any type of oral service whatsoever.

You'll meet a guy like him too.  The other guy you'll meet will be the one who wants you to eat them out like your at the buffet, and suck the d off their ick but won't reciprocate.  This situation also baffled me.  You mean to tell me I just put in all this work and you can't lick a nipple or something?

So what are some of the reasons some guys don't do oral.  Well they vary.  For a lot of men its "I just don't."  Which is their right.

Other reasons may include:

they are afraid it may be painful or uncomfortable
they've had a bad experience with an ex partner
they get very aroused and come too quickly, which they find embarrassing.
they become anxious and lose their erection, which upsets them
they don’t believe their partner really wants to, so can’t relax and enjoy it
they have been taught oral sex is wrong/ bad/ dirty/ disgusting/ oppressive

they are concerned about their personal hygiene or YOUR personal hygiene
they are worried about their penis size/ shape/ appearance or their body in general
they have a previous history of sexual abuse
they don’t like giving oral sex, and feel if someone goes down on them they’re expected to return the favor

Or as we mentioned earlier, there may be no major reason for their dislike, it just might be something that doesn’t interest them.

You’ve probably heard many things about oral sex and men – that oral sex is something all men want, and that a sexually competent partner must have fantastic oral techniques in order to keep their partner happy. This ignores people’s diverse sexual preferences and can make us feel anxious if something we offer is seemingly rejected.

Thinking about why this bothers you and how important giving oral sex is as a turn on for you can help you work out if this is a sexual deal breaker.

Ask him to tell you all the things he enjoys – you can share the same. From that you might want to ask if there is anything he doesn’t like – and why. Bear in mind if this is a new relationship and he feels shy, embarrassed or isn’t yet ready to trust you he may not want to talk much at this time. Or if this isn’t an issue for him he may see no need to dwell on it.

It is OK to say to him it is something you enjoy and would like to do while making it clear he’s not expected to do it if he’s not into it. If you’re worried you’re doing something wrong or want him to confirm he finds you sexy or desirable it’s also OK to seek reassurance from him about you giving and getting pleasure from each other. 

Be sure to keep an open mind and C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E your wants and needs while considering your partners. 

need to know and trust someone before enjoying oral sex with them

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