Happy Father's Day: How I Came Out To My Dad

We were going to do one of those "10 Dads With Their Kids" posts but instead I'll take the time to wish my Father (who should never ever be reading this site) and all the other Fathers gay straight and somewhere in between a Happy Father's Day. 

Funny story, my dad is one of the coolest guys I know.  However, he's hardcore religious so when I decided to tell him I was gay I thought he was gonna flip out and throw the bible at me (like my mom did).  I planned out this entire speech where I would go into activist mode "How dare you not accept me" and so on.  Didn't need it.  My dad literally reacted as if I told him I saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching from pussy to dicks and ass.  His exact response was.  "Ok"

Me: Ok?  Are you serious?

Dad:  Yeah,  nothing has changed.  You're still my son and I still love you.  Now lets finish watching the game.  ( he's a basketball fan)

That was it.  We never really spoke about it again but he's always been my biggest supporter in anything I did, and tried his best to involved in my life because he and his father didn't have a good relationship at all. I'm his only child and his only son so he pretty much plays the hand he was dealt when it comes to me. He always told me to be myself and do whatever I thought was going to make me happy.  He's met some of the guys I've dated and If he knew I was dating someoene he would always ask how they were doing, and was all around pretty cool with it.  He's even given me dating advice from time to time.  Secretly, I know he enjoys that it pisses my mother off. 

I try not to take for granted that I have a good father.  I've haven't always been the best son, but he's always been the best dad.

Love ya pops.


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