I Be Strokin! How To Please Bottoms By Improving Your Stroke Game

"Strokin to the East and Strokin to the West" but when you stroke will he say you're the best?  Will Teedra Moses write a song about your backstroke?  Yes the size of the boat does matter but the motion in the ocean is of equal if not greater importance.  To quote Aaliyah "I want you to rock the boat" Remember that scene from Waiting to Exhale about guys having big dicks and still not being able to fuck? 

There is nothing worse than getting yourself hyped up for what you think will be some good dick and realizing you could have had a V8 or some vitamin water.  

Usually, I’m more than willing to instruct someone on how to stroke me properly. I'm verse so I know how to stroke and how I liked to be stroked. But there are occasions that I really just want them to get it right the first time, and not hump me like they’re descendents of a dog species.

I’ve had my share of guys, many in perfect shape, extremely athletic, and flexible. But for some strange reason, they get in the bed and their hips only know one motion: back and forth super rapidly without stopping. In most cases, the anal muscles do not respond forcefully to one motion during sex. If you're on the bottom you end up bored, counting the seconds until he nuts and rolls up off of you.

Stroking is an art. It’s power lies in spontaneity, different levels of speed, various depths, and most importantly, rhythm. A good stroke is spontaneous because it will keep you guessing, speed up to activate the many points that bring him pleasure, slow down to provide a crescendo into exploring his depths, and yet still feel like a beautiful rhythm that you’ve composed through your head.

It’s not enough to simply give us monotone humps, and expect a porn star reaction. If you want a guy to moan and shake it’s a requirement to constantly work on your stroke.  Be intuitive and communicative, feeling his body’s response to your movements and asking him sincerely how different strokes feel. But don’t just ask as an attempt to feed your ego.

Watch Porn

Porn is great as a mastaubatory aid but in many ways it also functions as a how to guide, especially if you're new to sex and new to sex with men.  If you're a visual learner this is a better bet than reading some tips from a website(wink). Watch the porn and pay attention.  You'd be surprised at what you'll learn.  "Oh that looks like it feels good" or "I've never seen that position before I may have to try that." (more on that later)

Music Helps

One of the quickiest and easiest ways to get a good stroke down is to put on some music.  Just about any R&B song old or new about love making will do.  Listen to the song, FEEL the song and stroke his ass down to the beat.  Create yourself a fuck playlist if you have to.  Put on some Trey Songz or Clarence Carter and pretend you're slow dancing in his cheeks.

Change Positions (New Position New Position)

Try as many different positions as your bodies will allow for! You’d be amazed at just how great of a tactic this will become with regard to getting both of you off. Certain positions will be better than others with regard to stimulation but you’ll never know which ones work until you experiment with them. You’ll know by his reaction what’s working and what isn’t so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Add On's and Power Ups

Once you’ve got the stroke down, you can add tricks like flipping him upside down or fucking him up against a wall, all while you keep your rhythm. But without the good stroke, none of these extras will compensate. Master the basic ingredients, and then add the sprinkles. We both want to enjoy the intense sensations that come with creating a session of good sex.

Strive to be your best as a sexual partner.  Good sex requires dedication to self-improvement. And there’s no reason for anyone to settle for mediocre, one-sided sex when two-partnered bliss awaits.



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