"I Dare You To Kiss Me" : Man Describes His First Time Kissing A Guy

Its something you'll never really forget.  The first time you finally wrapped your lips around someone.  Will you be good?  Will it hurt?  Will his breath stink?  What if he never kisses me again?  A first kiss is an exciting time for any new relationship but what about the first time you kiss a guy?

I remember the first time.  I was in highschool and I a friend of mine revealed to me he had a crush on me and wanted to kiss me.  I remember him pulling me into one of the storage closets at school and sticking his tongue down my throat.  It ws great.  He smelled like Cool Water cologne and his breath tasted like peppermint.

Here's another story and his is a little more interesting than mine.  Truth or dare gets them every time.