I Messed Around With My Bestfriends Little Brother

I woke up and I went down stairs to eat and I saw a note in the table saying my parents went to visit my grandparents so i was all alone in the house. i was getting lonely and bored so i txted my bestie to see if i could go to his place said and said okay since he was just home with his younger brother. Her brother is about 4 years younger than me he was 18. Being all sporty he was he already look like a grown ass man standing at 6'2 and had a toned body and a tan skin color.

I get to my best friends house and inside I see her younger brother on the sofa slouching which pissed me off. I hated the fact he was taller than me since I was only 5'8. I sat down just on the arm chair and he said hi and I smiled. My bestfriend went in the kitchen to get snack so it was me and Jc ( his name ) So i stared a little pep talk asking the basic thing school , life and sports and my bestfriend walks back in and said he got a call from his mom and was going to run some errands. I told him I was just gonna stay at his place and chill so he left. His brother and I sat there quiet we where just focused on the movie he was watching. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was not wearing any underwear since his shorts were kind of big and i saw his semi hard dick.

When I glance back up, he’s staring me dead in my face. He asked me what the fuck I was looking at and he was smiling. When I said “yo dick” I saw it jump in his shorts a lil bit. He was still smiling and said "like what you see" he stood up and walked towards me i was really sacred i didn't know what was he going to do. He pulled his dick out and I was like damn its big. He was like a 9 9 ½ and it was thick. He removed my t shirt and began kissing my neck lower body then he shoved his dick in my mouth.

Meanwhile his left hand is trying to pull my shorts down. I tried to stop him but before i knew it i was naked. He looked at me and asked "what do you want to do" I said it didn’t matter so he started sucking me off. He was licking the head and took it all in his mouth. I told him I was coming but he sucked me harder i came out in his mouth and he swallowed it all. The he moves up to kiss me and kisses my nut in my mouth. I asked him where did he learn to do that and he said watchin porn. I asked him was he good and he said you can finish sucking me off so I did. We finished up JUST in the nick of time because my bestfriend came back. We never spoke about it, but we did meet up from time to time before he went off to college. I never told my bestfriend.

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