Instagram Rapper Blasts Soulja Boy For Sending Him Gay DM's

No Soulja Boy we don't know what you mean, please elaborate.  Unless Soulja boy was hacked (again) there is only one real way to interpret the message you sent.  Soulja gets down or at least wants to.  We here at Aazah aren't really in the business of doing exposures, if you want to be gay, be gay and have fun with it.  But why hide and sneak when the shit always comes out especially if you're a high profile individual? 

We know there are plenty of artists in the industry that get down, making it one of the worst kept secrets in history and making us wonder why its a secret in the first place. 

What do you think?  What could Soulja have meant? 

At any rate, when will people learn that the internet is forever and people screencap shit before you can finish typing it.  If more than one person knows you like to mess around you're not dl or discreet you're optimistically hidden.

Sidebar1:  I get the DL, discreet thing.  I do.  I can be a very private person at times, on the flip side of that I had to hide my sexuality all through my teenage/high school years and I was miserable.  I couldn't imagine for a day going back into anyone's closet to make anyone else feel better about who I wanted to sleep with.  If my sexuality is going to jepordize our friendship or my career clearly I need new friends and a new job. 

Sidebar2: What the fuck is a choppalane


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