iOS 12 AR May Not Accurately Measure Your Penis

iOS 12 is out and it brings a slew of new features with it, including the ability to measure objects in Augmented Reality.

Unsurprisingly, people on the internet jumped on the dick jokes immediately. But be warned — if you're going to use the Measure app to get a read on your meat, it may not be that accurate.

While everyone seems to be having a great time measuring everything from coffee cups to cats today — we're not 100 per cent sure how accurate they are.

Lifehacker's Anthony Caruana says that he tested the app on a wall in his home with the new Measure app, and then compared it with a good old fashioned tape measure. Sadly, the app took a lot of messing around with to get anything close to an accurate measurement.

Although this is but one report, his experience makes sense. Measure is a first gen AR measurement app — compared to actually measuring something in the real world, there's probably going to be some discrepancies. With this in mind, it may be best used for approximations, as opposed to really accurate measurements of objects. Or body parts.

However, if you still want to give Measure a crack, go right ahead! It lives on the homescreen in iOS 12 and it seems quite easy to use. Simple tap the 'Plus' button to start and stop measuring, as well as to combine different points together.

Jack'd and grindr are about to get real messy.

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