Its Ok To Be A Bottom

No seriously, it is.  Now dry your tears.  We know what they've said about you.

At some point in gay history bottoms got a bad reputation, and not just bottoms but any male that likes getting dug from the back, or the side, or while laying on their stomach, or while riding(just listing my favorites).

Is it because some people equate bottoming with femininity?  Or perhaps because others see it as a role of submission and therefor a lessor male?  Who knows.  What we do know is this at the end of the day:


Regardless of how one feels about those who take one(actual number of D's may very) for the team its apart of the gay sexual experience. Don't be ashamed if you like taking Dick.  Take pride in what you do.  Go get a shirt with a big B  on the front and wave it like a country flag.  You don't have to whisper it in public any more you can shout it from the rooftops.

Nothing pleases a top more than to know he's sticking somebody that wants to get stuck and knows what to do when things get sticky.

If it weren't for you, tops would just have to jack off and grind on each other and thats fun on a Tuesday evening but on Friday you're gonna want to slip and slide in some boi good good.   

So go out into the world and take back your title and demand your respect.  Then lie face down and let him go to work.

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