Jack'd Trade With 10 Inches Needs A Place To Stay, Promises Not To Run The Streets

Go away from me with this Cheezo! Serious replies only.  I'mma hit this with a hard pass because like the person who originally posted this, I don't need those type of problems.  This is the type that will have you putting your whole check on his books when he ends up back inside.  

No thanks, I can smell the domestic violence and loud just looking at the picture.  And I would enjoy every minute of it.  Nope, I'm trying to build myself up and this is the type of thing that will set you back for years.  Will have you trying to convince your mom to let you and him move in so y'all (meaning you) can save up to buy a house.

Those lips look like they will kiss you in places you didn't know needed to be kissed but he's also gonna run up your electric bill and eat up all the food in the house but its ok because he gets $200 in food stamps a month. 

Somebody is gonna look at you the wrong way and he's gonna be ready to fight, he is gonna drink all your henny and ruin the brakes on your car, then total your car because the brakes are bad and you're gonna allow it to happen because he's cute with enough d*ck to wake up the neighbors.  "Thats why I got insurance bae" Now you gotta buy a new car, and you gotta take him to Red Lobster because he f*cks you just that good.  Probably gotta get him a new pair of J's on top of that.  Naw, you won't have me walking through the mall humming Upgrade You.

You not gonna have me googling your charges and telling myself "armed robbery and grand theft auto ain't even that serious for real for real" 

A pringles can with veins?  NO Uh uh, we both bout to be homeless because I'm never gonna be at work. A n*gga brave enough to have a face tattoo and his mugshot on his profile ain't thinking about yo job.  I can't.  I pray the Lawd keeps this type of d*ck away from me. And Azz because I just know after you drink up all the henny and smoke 2 blunts you gonna bend over talking bout "slide in right quick" knowing its gonna be a mudslide because you don't even know how to spell fleet.  You NOT gonna have me on the phone Viola Davis snot crying talking bout "BUT I LOVE HIM! I CAN MAKE HIM CHANGE!"

You not gonna have me cussing you out, tossing your stuff out on the steps, Then five minutes later posted on Instagram with your head in my lap with a caption saying "my whole world"

And I just know he's crazy.  Like hood crazy, the craziest of all the crazy.  

Can't do it.. 

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