Juan Andino III Shows Off His Before and After Pics and We Can't Decide Which Is Hotter

Is it really a transformation if you went from fine to finer?  Barber and fitness clothing designer Juan Andino III shows what can happen when you go from fit to fitter and really grind in the gym.  

On his intagram page he shared this message:

you can Train Every Day ...
But you can’t Out work A Bad Diet ... focus on your diet 1st..
Theres No Magic Pill That’ll Shred U Up ...
Its All About the Food You Intake And Timing plus Rest And Less Stress ...
The Heaviest 208lbs 
Comfortable But Definitely Uncomfortable... made a change Literally 
Downloaded ( myfitnesspal iifym.com and Learn How To Macro count ) 
You don’t Need To Pay A trainer or A Nutritionist learn It And It’ll Last Longer ..
Read And Research....
Then Teach And Help Others Around You To Make the Change ...

Check out the full post below.

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