Lovers killed Married DL man because they wanted money to celebrate birthday, deputies say

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - A second man has been arrested in the fatal shooting of another man in unincorporated Broward County, near Fort Lauderdale, authorities said on Thursday.

Darius Slade, 21, was arrested Tuesday on a first-degree murder charge in the April 11 shooting of Ferris Finley.

Broward sheriff's deputies said Slade and Larry Bostic, 38, who was arrested April 21, planned to rob Finley, 43, while Slade was working as a prostitute.

Ferris Finley was killed in a shooting early Tuesday near Fort Lauderdale.

Deputies said Slade was in Finley's GMC pickup truck at 2744 NW Eighth St., when Bostic and another man approached the truck.

Deputies said Bostic shot Finley, and Finley's truck rolled away and struck a pole.

Bostic and the third man, who has not been charged, fled the scene, deputies said.

Authorities said Slade also left the scene but returned a short time later.

Homicide detectives said that Bostic and Slade, who were dating, wanted money to celebrate Bostic's upcoming birthday.

Both men face first-degree murder charges.

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