Man Arrested For Having Sex With A Pony

A utility worker was arrested after reportedly being spotted having sex with a pony in Rogers County on Wednesday morning.

Authorities received multiple calls from an area west of Inola where a naked man was found to be having sex with a miniature horse in a pen, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the intersection of County Road 4190 and Montrose Lane, according to an affidavit. A witness told investigators she saw a man "full nude standing in the field having sex with a pony," according to the affidavit.

Deputies and police officers from the Inola Police Department responded to the scene and arrested the man, allegedly Tyler Joseph Schlosser, 29.

Two other witnesses, prior to police arrival, reportedly arrived and one of them began recording the alleged act. Schlosser allegedly stopped and began walking toward them.

Walton said it appeared Schlosser was a utility worker. Schlosser allegedly blamed his actions on medication. The sheriff added that, fortunately, his agency rarely encounters bestiality cases. 
"It stretches the imagination," he said. "I certainly have sympathy for the homeowners who had to witness it. That literally causes some emotional scars. People laugh about it and everything. I guess you got to to deal with it, but I do have sympathy for people who have to witness sick stuff like that."

Responding officers arrested Schlosser on complaints of indecent exposure and crimes against nature. He was booked into Rogers County jail and is being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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