Man Claims He Was Forced To Have Sex With A Man During Fraternity Hazing Process

ViaOkokoma: A blog reader sent in this to our mail, he said he pledged one of the most POPULAR African American fraternities, and they made him have “Sex with a man” as part of the hazing process.
It’s not clear if this is a widespread practice of the Frat – or just a local chapter issue.

Here is what is being said below:

I’m biracial with a white mother (never met my dad) and she raised me in a white suburb in New Jersey.

Because of that, I decided to go to New York for school and join a [Black] fraternity my junior year.

I was inspired to become more pro-Black and explore my black side.

I wanted to learn more about black brotherhood and explore the side I had been missing out on.

What I got was about 2 months of humiliation, intimidation, and an intro into disturbing and gay activity- all for letters. [One] night we all got in trouble, Instead of taking wood, we had to line up and close our eyes.

Now the only way I can describe what happened next is, it was like that scene in the movie Burning Sands when they had to basically line up to f*ck the same girl (which we also did), only this wasn’t a girl.

It was a dude I recognized from the track team.

He had a girl and everything, she lived in my dorm Freshman year. When it was my turn to be with him, we agreed that I would just get he*d.

My LBs said they did the same but who knows.

It isn’t the first time we’ve done sh*t like that and I was surprised at how casual everyone’s attitude towards the gay sh*t was (except a couple of my LBs).

My question to yall is does what I did for my letters make me gay and if I were to ever open up to a female and tell her about this do you think I will get rejected and exposed?

I only took part in the pledging process once after I was made.

I only beat the pledges, I didn’t do none of that gay shit but I was in the room or playing lookout during some of it.

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