Man Claims His Wrestler Ex Boyfriend Jumped Him After He Outed Him On Facebook

Allegedly, Marquel Small was dating a downlow professional wrestler for six months before he grew tired of keeping the relationship a secret.

The wrestler he named is Malcolm Monroe III from Michigan.

Marquel says that after he outed his lover, Malcolm and his dad jumped him and warned him to keep quiet about Malcolm's sexual preference.

On his Facebook page, Malcom is supposedly straight and posted this picture with a woman.

After the beat down, Malcom threatened Marquel's life on Facebook messenger. In the message, Malcolm also notes that Marquel promised to keep the relationship a secret, but now he's trying to ruin Malcolm's life.

In a statement he posted to Facebook: 
Yes I dated Malcolm Monroe the third for 6 months. It started out great and all. Then his ex boyfriend name tre links exposed him. When he got exposed he would start pressuring me not to tell. Threatening me and all kind of bull shit. One day I had enough we dated in June till December. He got himself a girlfriend in November and was showing her off on Facebook. I had enough and that is when I outed him on Facebook.

He threaten to kill me start spreading lies to defend his name . His father Malcolm Monroe the second owns a professional wrestling company named XICW. He would tell his dad that he isn't gay which his dad sister and mother are friends with me and would see me at the shows. So Malcolm the third would threaten me for months. He even tried to break in my house . So one day I had enough of hiding . I met him at a wrestling show and would quit showing up due to me being scared he would be there. He would hit me in the past and I finally showed my face at a show he wrestled at.

When Malcom Monroe the third saw me he tried to run. But no I came up to him and asked him what does he want . He told me to leave before get hurt. So I left and called him coward. When I got my car pulled out a car got front me blocked me in. My car doors are messsd up you have to manually pulled down each door lock to lock the door. One day I clean the inside the car with winded and it messed up electronics . So I have to lock each car door by hand and unlock the car with the key. So back to the story while I was pulling out a car got front me. So I tried to pass the car and that's when my ex Malcom the third pulled me out my car while I was driving. Then his dad got my car put in in park. Him and his dad and another man started beating me and double jumped me. I was seriously injured and lucky I am alive !? All over a man not being truthful he is a professional wrestler and puts on a act for everyone . Here is his baby mother post about me. Mad that I told on her baby daddy this is the day before I got jumped . And I also attached his lies telling everyone he don't know me and telling people I am a whore who mad didn't get fucked. Clearly he know me boo he in my car lmao.

Malcolm did not respond when we reached out for comment.

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