Man Leaves His Female Date For A Man With 2 Tongues On VH1's Black Ink Crew

I may have to tune back in to VH1 if these are the types of shenanigans and goings on they have going on We'll give them credit as many of their reality shows have featured same sex couples, most notably Milan and Miles from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  

From VH1: 

Young Bae and Donna flat out get flat left on their own date, by their dates in this Black Ink Crew highlight and not for nothing, it’s actually pretty funny.

Since Melody brought in new artist, Kevin Laroy to the shop, Bae has had her eye on him. They’ve been kicking it for a little bit and now she’s excited the two are finally having a more intimate date. The excitement lasts for about forty-six seconds when Donna pulls up with her dude, L.A. Bae is all for everyone chillin’ with one another but they do enough of that at the shop, so this surprise double date is not the wave for her.

Kevin is having a grand ol’ time though — with Donna’s date. It starts off as a little flirting with L.A. over the hookah mouthpiece then shifts over to him feeling all up on Kevin’s satin fabric. That was subtle. If Donna and Bae weren’t confused before, they know exactly what’s going on now when Kevin slides his finger right in between L.A’s two tongues. Kinky, right? Laroy is into the tongue action and eventually the two men say eff it and dip off to the side for a little one-on-one convo.

As the ladies sit there trying to figure out what’s going on, L.A. and Kevin blow that joint together and Bae is left d—kless and disappointed.

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