Man Who Stabbed Boyfriend In Gym Over Credit Card Bill Had History of Violence

The bizarre stabbing at an L.A. Fitness gym in Indiana last month was the bloody climax of a violent romance between the suspect and his victim, records show.

Bryan Fearman, of Indianapolis, told police he “did not care” whether his boyfriend lived or died after he strolled into the gym and stabbed the man while he was doing dips, the Indianapolis Star reported Friday. The victim survived and is in fair condition, while Fearman is being held without bond on an attempted murder charge.

Fearman, 22, told police the stabbing stemmed in part from his boyfriend’s refusal to pay back $700 he racked up on Fearman’s credit card while Fearman was incarcerated. He claimed he went to the gym to talk about the payment.

But Fearman's alleged attack was only the latest in a long list of violent acts against his lover.

The aptly named Fearman had repeatedly terrorized and assaulted his boyfriend for at least the past two years, the Star reported.

In March 2013, he broke the man’s windows, bit him and tried stabbing him with a broken bottle. In July 2014, he broke the windows of the boyfriend’s grandmother’s house while the family was inside, after weeks of threatening text messages. Days later, the boyfriend filed a protection order against Fearman — the fifth time someone had done so.

 The boyfriend has not been identified.

Fearman also has a history of violently threatening others, including a Domino’s Pizza employee who was taking an order from him over the phone, police reports show.

He was previously convicted of two felonies: Stabbing a sleeping man in the neck in 2012 after an argument and threatening to kill a woman in 2014 after she reported him for vandalism.

About 10 days before the alleged gym stabbing, Fearman’s court-mandated monitoring device was tampered with, and over the next few days the boyfriend reported receiving threats and an arson attempt at the home where he was staying. The homeowner spotted Fearman and chased him away.

The next day — one day before the gym attack — Fearman called his boyfriend to say he heard the arson didn’t work, so he was going “to try something else.”

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