Meet Scream Queens Eye Candy Lucien Laviscount: Plus How He Got Ripped For TV

If you need a reason to tune in to Scream Queens which debuts on Fox tonight, we've found one.  Lucien Laviscount.  You may recognize him from his past work in the TV series Skins or his role in the movie Honey Trap. 

Laviscount who is originally from the U.K. recently sat down with Details Magazine to talk about his role and how he got in shape for TV:

"My introduction to fitness started early because my mom and dad are ex-bodybuilders—they won Mr. and Miss Universe [in the mid-eighties and nineties]. My mom retired when I was born but started competing again when I was 8 or so. She placed in the British Championships after having three kids, which is quite cool. My parents never pushed me to do bodybuilding, though. They wanted me to try everything. I did ballet until I was 13 or 14.

"My parents have a gym back in the U.K., and it was always the last place my brothers and I wanted to be—sitting in the back of my mom's 'Tums and Bums' class after school. But around 17 or 18, I wanted to look more like a man. That's when I started training.

"Growing up, there was no salt in our house, and the only condiment was ketchup. We always ate very clean: chicken and rice or pasta and tuna. I have the most boring taste buds because of that. Rich food doesn't do it for me. If I'm training, I'll have three chicken breasts a day and then maybe some tuna mixed in just to take the taste of chicken away. If I could have one tablet in the morning that would serve as my meals—if I could never taste food again—I would do that. Eating is definitely more of a chore for me.

"I work out at least five times a week, but never for longer than an hour. After that, your concentration goes. The last thing you want is to remember being bored in the gym. I hate myself when I'm not training, though. The worst thing you can hear is, 'You look like you've lost weight.' That's a kick in the nuts.

Be sure to catch him tonight during the 2 hour premiere of Scream Queens on Fox at 8.

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