Men Strip Down For Body-Positivity Calendar

In celebration of body-positivity, gay pin-up magazine Meat has assembled a group of "everyday" men to take off their clothes, as an f-you to body shamers everywhere.

For their new 2018 nude calendar, editor Adrian Lourie gathered a bevy of handsome gents.

He says he hopes to, "defy the body shaming that goes on in the gay community."

He adds:

"Photographing naked men in bed is a great way to celebrate the bodies of ‘ordinary’ gay men.”

Said calendar cover star Fernando:

“It wasn’t an easy decision to pose naked for meat but, now I’m absolutely proud of myself for doing it. I thought I would never be picked because of my body shape and I wanted to prove that you can be hairy and have a belly and it can be sexy.”

Warren, a Digital Marketing Manager who appears in the calendar, says:

“So many of us have issues with our bodies; we think we’re too fat, too skinny, too pale, our c*cks are too small, our bums not pert enough or we’re too hairy. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, but we need to take a moment to learn to be with happy with what we’ve got and see that there’s no such thing as the perfect body.

“I’m not toned, I’m ginger, hairy, I don’t go to the gym and don’t have big muscles, I’m pale as snow and my bum jiggles but I now love being naked again. Confidence is sexy – so own what you’ve got and be proud lads!"

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