Michael Sam Says He'd Still Be Playing Football If He Hadn't Come Out As Gay

And we call bullshit. Flag on the play.  "You need to get your team to help you out" -Nene Leakes. Michael Sam's short lived football career was over before it started because he surrounded himself with the wrong team.  More on that later.

Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL franchise, said he probably would have been on a team’s roster had he not come out.

Sam made the observation during sportscaster Dan Patrick’s radio show Friday.

He told Patrick he announced he was gay “a little too early for my taste” in early 2014 but “certain things happened” that influenced him to come out — notably reporters who knew he was gay and might break the story.

“I wanted to be the one to tell my own story,” Sam told Patrick. “I didn’t want someone telling it for me.”

Patrick then asked the former SEC Defensive Player of the Year if he hadn’t come out, would he be on an NFL roster right now.

“It probably would have been better for me if I didn’t come out … I would be on a roster,” Sam said, who added that he wanted to come out after making a squad.

Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams but was cut during training camp. He then went to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad but was released. Sam played in the Canadian Football League for a short while before he headed back to the University of Missouri where he’s pursuing a master’s degree.

Despite his NFL setbacks, Sam told Patrick he still wants to play in the league and believes he’s a still a “damn good” football player.

In our opinion Michael was mismanaged by and used to push an agenda and then abandoned after all that nonsense backfired.  Where was his plan B if the NFL didn't work out?  Where were his endorsement deals, his book, his reality tv show?  Who was managing him?  What happened to his ride or die boo?




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